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    Maria Isabel Marquez

    Hello! Today was my due date for 7 day trial, i decided to purchase a 3 month supcription but it billed me twice, the monthy 19.99 plus the 3 month. Please refund for the 19.99 asap.

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    Kotryna Rukštelytė

    Did anyone got your money back? Because my subscription was for a year and it cost 120, this year they deducted 120 dollars again. I did not want that.  

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    Kathy Jaramillo

    Hello! Yesterdey i was charged for one month and i deleted mi app because i did not want to be charged. But they charged mi anyways. I want my money back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi @Maria Isabel Marquez and @Kathy Jaramillo,

    Please reach out to our Support Team directly via our contact form at, so we can discuss your concerns and available options.

    - Sweat Support

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