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How do I schedule my week with BBG?




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    Can you have two programs open at the same time?

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    Hey @Korikent0 :)

    Great question!

    Currently, you are able to follow a ‘main’ program of your choice and add additional workouts to your week suing the ‘More Workouts’ feature on your Dashboard.

    Your weekly Sweat Summary will track your workouts based on the main program you have selected, but not your additional workouts.

    It is also really important to keep in mind that we do not recommend to complete additional sessions on top of those recommended within your program. For example we do not recommend to complete more than one resistance session per day. Please ensure you are following the recommendations within your program when adding or altering sessions.

    In summary, you can follow more than one programs’ workouts however only one program will be tracked!


    - Sweat Support

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